If i was Aristide, as soon as I land in Haiti. I would call...

Jynee - March 17 2011, 9:02 PM

If i was Aristide, as soon as I land in Haiti.

I would call Martelly and make a truce.

I would make a press conference and say I can't involve in politic, kom nou we se yon Tet Kale'm ye. Kreol pale, Kreol konprann!

He's stuck between a rock and hard place, anything that go wrong in the election he will be blamed and the US and France going to say see, we told you this guy is bad news, he's only been here for 48hrs and he already creating havoc.

For Aristide political future, this election must go on so he could prove that the Fear was not well-founded and that he turned a new leaf!

Let Martelly have his 5 years, help rebuild the country and strenghten Lavalas! and send a Lavalas to challenge Martelly.

I am sure Martelly will make a lot of deal with international companies and Aristide will have ample of fuel! He can always rely on his anti-market, and Nationalist rethoric.

But then again, Aristide may be afraid if Martelly succeed and bring haiti out its misery, they may not be able to beat his party as it seem Wyclef may be in line to succeed Martelly!

WoW what a suspense! What will Aristide do next!

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