Neg Maron, I feel you on that one. At this point, my only hope...

Jynee - March 17 2011, 5:03 PM

Neg Maron,

I feel you on that one. At this point, my only hope is that the see the light and realize they can still make money with stability and security.

This rampant rape, kidnapping and murders is too much. It's one thing to steal the country's money but can we at least have some security.

You right there has to be some kind of balance.

I never thought I would looking in the Duvalierist corne but at least there was some kind or order.

i guess because the Aristide/Preval crew were not military maybe that's why they have no appreciation for order.

You struggling in America, you want to go back home and make your little business and live in peace but you can't. It's so sad that there's so many Haitians living abroad that want to go home and create job opportunities but you scared to death to invest in your own country.

All we can do is pray for a true change of mentality.

Peace be unto you too!

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