Candidate Michel Martelly calls for Prayer at 5PM Today

Jynee - March 17 2011, 11:48 AM

The candidate invites to a moment of prayer, this Thursday, March 17 at 5pm, in order to calm people down and calls the population to make "of the fear of God their compass in the exercise of their right of vote".


I encourage everyone to say a prayer for the safety of the voters and they Haitian people as a whole! Things are very tense in Haiti right now. on this blog, when we disagree, we may cuss and ridicule one another but in Haiti people are being beaten and killed.

We know during election our people unfortunately are prone to violence so please let's say a prayer together regardless of who your candidate may be. We may disagree a lot of things on this blog, but one thing that we all can agree on that we love Haiti and Haiti does not need anymore violence.

The people has suffered enough.

God Bless you all!

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Roro says...

Peace be unto you, Jynee. I believe the spirit of all of those who have died on January 12th will touch the souls of those who have not lost their... more »

Patricia says...

Friends! keep praying,because that the only way we will move all the mountains. more »

Nancy says...

sweet micky ap prye, matelly ap prye matelly ap prye, nou pran nou pran an mwe y oh oh more »

Sista Sista says...

E ou mem Nancy ki ley ou pral mande padon pou avotman ou konim konin yo more »

Sam Dorevil says...

Keep on praying stupid what praying has done for Haiti lately.Forget that god who has forgotten you, do it yourself.Stop being manipulated, by so... more »

Patricia says...

You called me stupid! what prayer done for Haiti,one day I guarantee you that you will use that same lips to tell the world what prayer can do;just... more »

Sam Dorevil says...

I have been waiting since I was born long time ago and I see Haiti is becoming worse while you people are praying. You even elected a priest to be... more »

Jeanne says...

apres tout orgy li fin'n fe lap prye, nan trave avek massisi sa more »