They will not be involved in politics, Nancy, but will...

Metgage - March 17 2011, 10:45 AM

They will not be involved in politics, Nancy, but will returning to enjoy Haiti as private citizens.

Just like Aristide will not be involved in politics, but will be only be helping Mirlande with her Educationial Reform Programs, as she said.
Relax, do not start hyperventilating.

Martelly does not need them in his Administration for a new Haiti, he wants young blood with innovative ideas.

Personally i think the better choices for prime Minister would be Josette Bijou or Mirlande Manigat.

As for Chief of police, i think he should choose Jean Bertrand Aristide or Rene Preval.

At least he should make the offer to them. You see, with Aristide or Preval as Chief of Police everyone will be safe, because one is a priest and the other is a real piece of work, both having love for Haiti in their hearts.

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sou regne sweet micky cedras premye ministre michel...


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