Nancy you do not know shit.You just wish to be pundit, while...

Richelle - March 17 2011, 9:11 AM

Nancy you do not know shit.You just wish to be pundit, while you are the most stupid, because you can not even simplyfy your own broken french or creole reply.How stupid is that, most of you Mirlande people doing exact samething.This is the kind of intellect, Mirlande supporters are talking about?really.Well now I can see why Haiti been going backward.You guys are bunch of stupid arrogant and grumpy.Not even few of you make little sense here.You guys are crazy, especially you.Your coments like an eigth grader who think who, s ready to be in high school to be grown and flunk right back to eight grade.Slut stop looking for attention, go take a shower, clean yourself.

Micky will be the haitian president, what are you going to do?nothing, powerless.

So you guys need to start get use to Micky as president.

He is my president, and the rest of you people can kiss his butt.

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saw diw la fanmy matelly sa yo paka ekri kreol ni...


MM=Michel Martely

Kreyol pale!!!!! Gen yon Radio nan vil la la a, reso balans li preske pedi raider li. Yo pran train Martely a yo chaje...

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