Jynee, i just want to echo your message. It hurts to know that...

Neg Maron - March 16 2011, 1:42 PM

Jynee, i just want to echo your message.

It hurts to know that after an earthquake that killed more than 300,000 of our sisters and brothers (some say 400,000 to 500,000), that the proud descendants of the first Black Republic find themselves so low in their morale screaming 'Bam Manmam'.

How great it would be for the world to see that the children of Haiti could pull themselves together, poverty-misery and all, and conquer their agonizing situations with vigor and vision.

I stand firm in believing that this new life that Haiti so desperately need will not take place with mirlande, but is more than possible with Michel.

Mirlande is only a continuation of Preval's nightmare of running the country through his INITE comrades, being the other half of Fanmi Lavalas.

With mirlande as president the idea is to quietly sneak Celestin back in the picture as the anti-international candidate some 3 years from now, or if she becomes incapacitated before 2016.

It would be such a tragedy for the 'bam manmam' crowd to suckle for a while and realize that it is the INITE Senator's lollipops they are getting their milk from.

I like your analysis of the year difference in leaders of the up and coming world and the rest. But there is an element that is dormant in that poignant view that i like to touch, and that is the dynamics of the age difference coupled with the visions that accompany that age.
Meaning, in Haiti there is this thing that Elitism and Intellectualism - if you will, somehow are of the superior cloth.

You and i know that if the non-elite and non-uneducated does not work the farm and bring its good for consumption, a coutry will starve and end being dependent on others to feed its people.

Sophictication and intellectuality have their place in any society, but we must look further than that. We will just leave it there, and just say what has the Elite and Intellectuals done for Haiti?

What has Michel and Wyclef done for Haiti?

Like you said, i hope they grow up on March 20th to take the pacifiers out their mouths, as they pull themselves together to grab Michel's vision by its horns and change Haiti.

Peace be unto you! keep a smile in your soul.


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