If i was Preval i would do all that i can to make sure that...

Bonzin - March 16 2011, 7:17 AM

If i was Preval i would do all that i can to make sure that Aristide is in Haiti tomorrow, and set up a meeting between him and Mirlande in the public eye while the gathering is taking place at champs de mars for Michel who seems to be on his way to become the next president.

Tomorrow is the perfect time, for INITE< CORREH AND RDNP to pull this together and try to stop the Martelly machine.

Tout rat to kon kile poul kaka.

If Aristide is in Haiti tomorrow and meet with Mirlande, she will be President.

But Aristide will be areested on April 17th.

But if Aristide is not in Hait1 tomorrow that means Michel will be President, and he will be at the airport himself to welcome Aristide on the 17th of April.

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