I understand Mr. Manigat left his first wife, and kids to...

Josy - March 15 2011, 7:13 PM

I understand Mr. Manigat left his first wife, and kids to marry on his student (Mirlande).

She turned down a Senate position, because her husband was not elected for president and was too upset.

I want the "without sin" to cast the first stone, and we are all sinners.

I rather have Mr. Martelly who discovered a way to make money, and used foul language.

The same Haitians who are calling him immoral enjoyed his music, or carnavals and are a bunch of hyprocrites.

He came from a decent family, and attended elite schools in Haiti.

He could easily remain with the "borgeoisie", and not reach out to the mass. He has a light complexion which in Haiti makes you better than other human beings who are a shade darker, and have "bad hair".

I spent the first 16 years of my life in Haiti, and went to school there for 11 years.

I had students in my schools who looked like Mr. Martelly, and would not speak to me due to my nappy hair. I could name names, but am not going to for now and the nuns/priests (Caholic schools) are also guilties of prejudice.

Mr. Martelly has a vision for the country, and is sincere.

I have been to many of his "bals", and had a good laugh.

I would not take my teenage daughter to see him, but my kids were adults with spouses and I took them. We all enjoyed it, and had had a good laugh.

"Sweet Mickey" is an act, and the man is a genuis.

You have to have brain not only to survive in Haiti, but to become a millionaire and he is an artist.

We forgot about our problems, and ate some good Haitian foods.

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