Together we will defeat ti simone. Ensam Ensam. Mirlande will...

Nancy - March 15 2011, 2:31 PM

Together we will defeat ti simone.

Ensam Ensam.

Mirlande will win the presidency and you know it.

Haiti - Aristide: Mirlande Manigat adjusts her speech
15/03/2011 13:26:52

While the Candidate Mirlande Manigat, had declared last March 3, during a press briefing at the airport of Miami, Florida "Personally, as a citizen, I would prefer that he comes back after the elections [...] I think what we need now is more peace [...] if he decides to return, I am not the head of state, I did not have the authority to block his return".

Monday noon at a press conference, Mirlande Manigat "adjusted" her speech concerning the return of the Former President Jean Bertrand Aristide declaring "Far from being opposed to the return of Aristide in Haiti, I would welcome, since the former President has promised to help, once back in the country, in the field of the education" adding "everyone knows the importance of the education in my program if Aristide wants to help in this area, he may help me to implement my program".

A necessary adjustment, because as Michel Martelly, she seeks to attract a portion of the Lavalas vote.

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