Aristide obviously wants to stir up trouble as always by...

Pwenfepa - March 15 2011, 12:03 PM

Aristide obviously wants to stir up trouble as always by choosing to go back within days of the election.Not a smart move on his part because it could end up costing him dearly.

I am not advocating for his demise but how much can one country take because of one man?

I don't think the United States is going to sit back and let this troublemaker into the country and destabilize an already sensitive electoral situation just to cause more deaths, demonstrations by his crazed followers, and more bloodshed.

Jean-Claude came in peacefully and hasn't created any problem because we all know he just wants to be home.The man has kept silent for the most part and he has not inserted himself into the political process but with Aristide everybody knows trouble will start the minute his plane lands there, if he is allowed back in.
Aristide was and still is a very selfish, hard-headed individual who does not care one bit for the Haitian people nor for the country.

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