Allow me to say that i am supposed to be in a Spiritual...

Ronald Altieri - March 15 2011, 9:45 AM

Allow me to say that i am supposed to be in a Spiritual Meditation until the 25th of April.

But what i can say, i guess i will get back to my solitude after March 20th. A lot has been said by a lot of us on our Haiti's Presidential Election Process, but what really matters - at this point - are the following points, because they alone will decide who will be next President of Haiti (so i think):

Point 1 -
Who will the marginalized youth of Haiti vote for on March 20th.

Point 2 -
a) Who will the World Organizations and Powers such as USA, France and Canada (including the Bill Clinton and Bill Gates associates) trust with the money that is coming to help Haiti for its reconstruction.

b) Whose administration will be trusted to administer justice, security and reinvent the infrastructure of the country with innovative social and educational programs.

Ppoint 3 -
Who will inspire the Haitians in the Diaspora to visualize and participate in a new Haiti.

look through these 3 important point and you should see who the who will be Haiti's next President.


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