Haiti will burn if martelly is not elected says Praz

Jessica - March 14 2011, 2:54 PM

We will never get outof this funk that we are in with this group.

Case in point:

that is my problem with this camp

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Hiny Dark Knights says...

Haiti has been burning for food, water, antibiotics, peace and security for as long as Praz has been alive. But now you have an issue with a... more »

Nancy says...

start burning stupid because is not going to be elected you need to make money of haiti sorry my friend more »

Nancy says...

you, praz two stupids if you think mirlande is affiliate with preval,tell praz in march 20, to come in burn haiti that's stupid men is out of money... more »

Richelle says...

Nancy gin yon neg sale ki te koyin ou li di konsa se yon pie ou gin nen crek ou yo ba ou nin pren neg moun le pie ya pren pikey ou pren anrage epi... more »

Richelle says...

Nancy se trop pitit ou jete,paske yo di moune ki jete ampil timoune gin po yo perdu tet yo paske chak le doctor yo rale yon timoune li tou rale yon... more »