Gen Ayitien ap chache Manman Yo /Some Haitians are looking for their Mama

Neg Maron - March 14 2011, 6:20 AM

In a time when men of the country should put their heads together to put their country together, some of the women and men in the country are crying BAN MANMAM' (which means 'where is mommy?').

It is a shame to see how low the beauty of his beautiful country and people have reached in their pride.

These are the descendants of the great warriors who fought to teach the world about pride and freedom, and now the are crying for their mama.
Let us hope that some will wake up and realize that it is time to pull themselves together and shape their country for the future generations to come. It would be a tragedy if 50 years from now we still have the first african ancestry republic still crying for their mama.
May be the world should donate millions of pacifiers, as they look for their mama.
Who will inspire them to pull their minds together to push their country into the 21st century; to help them to unchain their minds, and know that their mama would be proud of them if they could start acting like responsible adults.

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