Did you say you took a leave of absence to help or you know...

Jessica - March 13 2011, 2:35 PM

Did you say you took a leave of absence to help or you know some people who did?

how do you know how many kids I am putting thru school in haiti?

Matter of fact, I am and do not care to give you names either.

There is a lady that has had a plan since 1982 that I have known about and not 2 lines per subject.

Where were you when she was being ridiculised by self proclaimed millionaires like Wyclef?

Where were you when thaey were making fun of all her diplomas, to a point where haitians are being divided between the ones that went to school and the ones that can' t. Don' t lecture about how to care about my country, where were you when Mickey and Michel Francois were gouging people during the embargo, when Michel was singing about being a de facto?

Since it fits him now he is a changed man but at Fort-Liberte he told you that he will get on a float and insult everybody just as before.

C' mon if you cannot take the heat get out of the kitchen.

Mickey has his back against the wall: he is pretty much not getting the big crowds anymore with his music and he invented himself a new gig. the joke is on you, Mickey will move to the next gig as soon as this one is over. You want to know what I would do for our country, I am letting you know now that MIRLANDE MANNIGAT with all her weaknesses is the best choice we have right now. So before jumping of the ledge next April before Mirlande inauguration, take a deep breath say to yourself i am going to give her 6 months to prove herself, after that come back here and hit your chest three times and say I was wrong, I was bamboozled but you were right: Mirlande was the only choice.

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Darling Jessica. I already know that if your life was...

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Jessica,if you put kids in school Haiti probably you...

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