Darling Jessica. I already know that if your life was in...

Marie - March 13 2011, 1:07 PM

Darling Jessica.

I already know that if your life was in youtube your family and friends would not speak to you. That is just something for you think about.

Tell us something new, or find something new to think about by listening to Michel's press conferences since he started to run for President.

We are tired of Micky this and Micky that, we are interested in ideas and vision.

Do you have any that has nothing to do with Michel, because he is doing well in trying to help his people.

What are you doing to help the children of Haiti, besides telling us that inside Micky's butt there is doudou.

I know some american friends of mine who took a leave of absence from their jobs to help wash infected wounds of children.

I spent sometime with them, and i will tell you they show more love toward my people than the people that are here talking about Micky's this and Micky that.
Michel is loved in Haiti because he touched their hearts with his passion for his nation and people.

Some are walking around with diplomas and saying this and that, but the people do not see them doing nothing.

I have names and phone numbers of people that are in Haiti who would love some help - it does not matter if a person is for Mirlande or Michel.

Would you like to take a leave of absence from your work to help your people, or is it better to stay on Micky's ass on this screen.

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Horse doudou, tell you what, better start...

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Did you say you took a leave of absence to help or...

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