Mwen pa nan politik, min mwen nan rev peyia pou generation kap...

Ouvejew - March 13 2011, 12:50 PM

Mwen pa nan politik, min mwen nan rev peyia pou generation kap vini'a.
Mwen whe sawap dia. Mwen gen rev retounin nan peyim tou, e mwen espere ke program Michel yo pral aide reve saa.
En parlan de sa Michel te di en 1993 ak sa Micky te fai e te di en 1900?

Bagay se ven moustik.


Leslie Manigat who was the President of Haiti once said that ALL HAITIANS ARE DOG VOMIT, but i forgive him.
I don't give a fart about presidents, i care about ideas and visions, and Michel is playing a great vision for the youth of Haiti.

On that note, we have parliament, and the next President is expected to fight tooth and nail with the senators and deputies of parliament to get things done for the people.

Understanding this reality, let me see clearly taht it will be easier for parliament to suck on grandma's niplles than to lick on Michel's testicles.

Se pa tout tete ki tete manman nou. Epi avek je femin yon tete ka tounin yon piwouli Inite.

Kote manman saa te ye leh pitit li tap soufri avan goudou goudou'a.
Before the earth quake my sisters and brothers were eating out of trash, and still are. Rats were eating the corps of our dead people, and still are. Children were being raped everyday and every night, and still are. The capital was a big trash can and still is.
We are eating, we are walking and breathing trash and all i hear about is experience in politics and about well behaved and well spoken and well educated.

Where was this diploma, this experience, this good behavior before the earthquake?

Mirlande was nowhere to be seen and found.

But she wrote some books.

Where was Michel before the earthquake?

He was in everywhere helping his people without seeking publicity.

The choice is between the immorality of the educated ones who have forgotten that their education was supposed to help Haiti, and the immorality of Michel who never forgot to help us in situations where noone else did.
We will have our families vote for michel who did immoral things as a person, and not for the one who represents a system of immorality towards being indifferent in the suffering of our sisters and brothers in Haiti.

What has she done?

She has done nothing, and nothing my friend is the worst thing that an educated person to help her people.


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mwen salye'w, mwen pa yon politisyen, mwen c yon...

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