As everyone can see With Mirlande Haiti will be a new Haiti...

Juselle Pressa - March 12 2011, 2:15 PM

As everyone can see With Mirlande Haiti will be a new Haiti and will regain international respect and the dignity of it citizen As Martely said he is a chef d, orquestre and he talks as one, very agressive as he was in a fight.

I think haitian people should stop being emotif and learn to analyse and make a wise choice before they vote for a candidate Look what we get by making the poor choice of putting RENE PREVAL as president of Haiti.

Very true Mirlande Manigat is older than Michel but when it com e to experience she has the right kee to governe and put Hajti on the right tract for the next five years Trust me she is the ONE for Haiti NOW Michel can be a good minister of tourist Please give Haiti a chance by voting Mirlande Manigat.

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