Richelle, you do have a nice name. Your mother or godmother...

Ayitien - March 12 2011, 11:49 AM

Richelle, you do have a nice name. Your mother or godmother gave you a good start, but somehwere between then and now you lost your way. I have faith and trust that you will find your way back to decency someday.

Below you will see your last message.

Read it again, and see what is coming out of your soul, after that go look in the mirror and you will see your soul crying:

You love that name don't you, maybe you never heard a nice nane before like Richelle in the haitian community.

So you take honor to write and talk with are not the only one that love my name and I thank you for that. Generally speaking you are the one that need to wash yourself more often, before we have another know why, because your smell is the reason for the 911.This is why bush hates haitians somuch after 911.That morning you didn't take shawer, then your smell go all the way hup to the sky, then hit the pilots nose they lost control and kill all those americans.That was not terrorist, that was your smell, So please we do not need another 911 in america.

Leave me alone go take a bath continously please for the american people.

Epi colagiet zo coco manmam ou.

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You love that name don't you,maybe you never heard a...


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