Richelle and all the other males and females who are busy...

Ayitien - March 12 2011, 9:23 AM

Richelle and all the other males and females who are busy dirtying this screen with their vulgar mess, please stop. I know i can not add perfume to beatify the smell up that is part of you, but may be you can keep the smell to yourself and not share it with us.
I symphatize with you, because i know what is in our brains must somehow be manifested one way or another.

I know that Michel or Mirlande love for you to write a book about all your emotions concerning the individuals who are not conducting themselves properly; in trying to convince you about their candidate.

Watch and wash your mind, just like you watch and wash your body. It is good advice from someone who is older than you. Do not bother to answer, just think about it.

Loving Respect!

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F u!I do know how to express myself,give your piece...


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