Mr. Donald Trump, and other extremely wealthy Americans have...

Josy - March 11 2011, 9:25 PM

Mr. Donald Trump, and other extremely wealthy Americans have lost properties to foreclosure.

It did not make Mr. Trump a crook, and he is still in business.

I have lost a townhome, and can assure you that I am not dishonet.

I know a few church members who have lost homes to foreclosures due to the bad economy, and they are educated people.

I think it is grossly unfair to make Mr. Martelly look like a bad guy, because he made some bad investments and the US has no business telling Haitians who to vote for. We do not dictate to the Americans who they can, or cannot pick as president and find it strange that Haiti is becoming a commonwealth of the USA. I believe Mr. Martelly will be elected as the next president, and he will do good for the country.

He has a vision, and the support of Mr. Wycleef Jean. I like the fact that he is focusing on agriculture, and want to encourage farmers.

He is an entrepreneur, and is patriotic.

I want Mrs. Manigat to get a position in his government, and perhaps she can be in charge of education.

I want the United States of America to stop dictating to us, and they need to clean up their own backyard.

We now have here in the USA over 16 millions children living in poverty, and growing up in cheap motels.

I saw on 60 minutes school buses picking up children from motels in Seminole, and Osceola counties.

The parents have lost their jobs, and belongings in storage because they could not afford to pay every month.

Haiti is capable of growing enough food to feed its population, and we do not want those can foods.

They are unhealthy, and it is also a form of control.

I rather eat mangos, and spinach personally.

Mr. Martelly will win the election, and nobody can stop GOD's plan. Why are people so afraid of Michel Joseph Martelly?

There is a handful of mulatos who control the money in Haiti, and they are corrupted so they are afraid he might rock their boats.

They do not like the fact that they will have to pay taxes on their fortune, and are trying desperately to stop him.

If GOD is for Michel Joseph Martelly who can be against him.

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