He seemed very good and able to handle his country but he was...

Garry Destin - March 11 2011, 8:34 PM

He seemed very good and able to handle his country but he was a bit too abrasive towards Manigat but his points were right.

Overall, I give him 8 points.

Manigat was good right at the points but off touch with haiti's reality.

She was very though.

He was right with acusing her of the last mismanagement of the country directly or indirectly she was involved in every decision.

I give her 9 but not holding my breath.

He is a new blood with the right idea and he knows the street as well as the other side. If he quits now he will be a gutless who thought Haiti's politics was a joke.
I am glad for that debate.

If we had the before, we would have bought Aristid, preval and all the others early and Haiti would never have gotten that bad.
So Michel, don't quit. You must finish the game with dignity that's how you learn.

If you win, you'll end up being a good one
If she wins, she'll be a good one too
So thank you GIAP

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