It's true that Mme Manigat is an educated and sophisticated...

Jynee - March 11 2011, 2:33 PM

It's true that Mme Manigat is an educated and sophisticated lady and Materlly is rough around the edges.

But if you listen to their plans, you will see that Martelly has a superior plan that will actually move the country forward.

Mme Manigat plan overly rely on the aid programs, she will be overly compliant with Minustah and the international governments who's goal is not in the best interest of Haiti.

she would introduce biochemically engineer food and that would destroy haitian food sovereignty because biochemically engineer grain don't reproduce you have to keep buying the grains which would be detrimental to poor farmers.

While I understand why people love Mme Manigat but she seem better suited to run an already advanced and stable country, Let's not forget Haiti is full of Vagabon ak kol, nan Senat ak nan Chanm Depute! et pas blye tout vakabon sal na lari a kap mache kidnape moun ki abitue ak politician ki bay yo kob pou you fe dezod.

Tout vacabon sa yo, ni sal ni ak kol besyon you ansyen vacabon tankou Martelly pou gere yo. Mme Maniga tro swa pul antre nan batay sa-a poul korespon'k ak vacabon.

If we had a secretary of State position like the US where we send her to represent Haiti overseas, that would be more suited for her. She would do wonderfully in a position where she meet officials of other countries and she would leave a pleasant opinion of Haiti.

Right now, unfortunately, Haiti need tough/agressive no nonsense guy to keep the political and street bums in check.

Mme Manigat has the intellectual capacity men li pa aktione ase poul gere vacabon nan peyi d'Ayiti but she definitely deserve a ministry position!

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