Some mega companies in the world have made investments and...

Gerard D. Ferrier - March 11 2011, 7:23 AM

Some mega companies in the world have made investments and have walked away to minimize their losses.

Michel bought a house 900,000 walked away from it, and it was sold not too long ago for. That is smart.

Someone had earlier mentioned that companies like Microsoft, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, AIG, Enron have made investments which were bad and were given a hand with taxpayer money to revive their schemes with new strategies.

Even the US government is borrowing from China, Japan, England, India and many others to keep its head above water.

That is the nature of the business world, be it real state or toilet paper stocks.

Michel's did not borrow money from the Haitian people or a struglling journalist to make some investment in real state.

Open your mind.

The people that are concerned about Michel's investment adventure are probably those who are having a hard time to budget their phone and cable bills correctly.

A presidential fight usually takes a turn to weird places, and that is nothing new. What is new is that Haiti has a new approach to venture into a new direction with new ideas, and Michel is that person to be trusted to steer this mess in that direction.

Knowing that he is leading in the polls in Haiti as well as the diaspora they would even take bodies from the morgue come up with some stories about some being killed by Michel supporters.

Do not be fooled to the point of fooling yourself.

Vote Martelly!

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