Could Michel Martelly's Foreclosed Florida Homes ruin his chances for

Josline Pyrrhus - March 9 2011, 10:45 AM

Mr Martelly don't be discouraged, Proverb creol la di consa "TET Ki Habitue Met Chapo Chapo Lap mete ".At least you have Something.

I know Jean Bertrand Aristide didn't have nothing and he became president.When he was about to become president Antoine Ismery was the one who put his house on his name to help him out.You are a rich man because you have properties all over the world USA Haiti ect...Let them talk just do what you are supposed to do.I want you to remember that no matter what they say about you haitian people are no going stop to like you.The more people say about you, the stronger our love is for you, Just be strong, don't let anything intimidate you.

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