He probably thought walking away was the right thing to do at...

Josy - March 8 2011, 9:18 PM

He probably thought walking away was the right thing to do at the time, and many homeowners have done it without being scrutinized by the world.

It does not make him a bad person, and he did not steal from anybody.

Michel Martelly will be President, and his opponents need to get use to it. President Obama is hated for the color of his skin, but GOD wanted him in the white house and they are still dogging him. We do not know his destiny, and what THE ALMIGHTY has plan for him. We need him in Haiti, and he can communicate with the investors.

I do not have anything personal against Mrs. Manigat, and she is a very educated lady. She is not ready to deal with the issues facing the country, and is too soft. I hope President Michel Joseph Martelly will give her a position in education, and we have a serious problem with 90%+- Haitians who are illiterate.

He is an entrepreneur, and will bring fresh ideas to our agriculture system.

I am praying, and hoping he will win the election.

It seems the peasants, diaspora, and our youths want him to lead the country.

I understand, and respect your opinion.

I just find it very suspicious the foreclosure issues did not surface in the first round, and wonder why now. He has attorneys, and they will address the problem.

I am certain Mr. Martelly will explain to the rest of us why he walked away from his properties, and whether he was advised to do so legally.

I do not know all the details, and am not going to jump to conclusion.

I do not care regardless of the outcome, and Mr. Martelly did not cause the housing market to crash.

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