To tell you the truth, Mirelande cannot lead those young...

Toulimen - March 8 2011, 8:04 PM

To tell you the truth, Mirelande cannot lead those young Haitians.

She is too old for that position.

I have requested a political advisor position for her but I don't know if Michel will appoint her due to her last statement in Montreal through Nancy Rock's Radio Talk Show. She cannot lead but she can provide some advices.

We don't need a Grandma to lead us. Haiti needs a mother but not a Grandma.

She is too old and she can make a lot of mistakes around an 81 years old husband.

We don't need those old people in the New Haitian National Palace.

As Lesly Manigat stated that Haitians are dog poo eaters, they will not eat them again.

They are the dog poo eaters who like to eat their vomit and not Haitians.

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