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Jynee - March 8 2011, 3:23 PM


The reason other nations big or small do not respect Haitians is because we are poor and our fellow countrymen are sneaking illegally in their country to get a better life! No one has respect for you when you can't manage your own affair.

Le wap drive davan pot moun, yap trete ou tankou chen.

Why don't you get off your high horse of moral authority and realize that Martelly actually have a plan to lift Haiti out of poverty.

what is Manigat's plan other than continue Preval plans of enriching themselves at the expense of people.

Manigat and the so-called intellectual elites doesn't realize when the world look at Haiti, they put us in the same boat a bunch of "poor ignorant beggars" the world has no respect for Haitians at all that is why foreigners make decisions without Haitians' inputs because they feel that if haitians had intellectuals with brains the country would not be going backward.

look how clinton dissed all the haitian businessmen, they only get 2% of the contracts while the bulk of the money goes to his buddies in the US, the Haitians in the Interim commission complains that they are marginalized, their opinion don't count in decision making.

Stop being silly lady. The international world will not respect you until your country can feed itself and stop begging for handouts.

When Haiti can stand on its own two feet and its children don't have sneak into poor countries like domincan republic, jamaica, bahamas.

What do this countries have that we don't?

all they have is sun and beach, we have that but what we don't have is good faith leaders interested in developing the country by putting security in place, stabilizing the country and enforcing rule of law. Manigat and crew has been around since Duvalier the father era, what have they contributed to the development of the country?

You sitting here worrying about Martelly put his pants down, that's what embarrass you?

Why are you not embarrassed by port-au-prince fill with garbage,
UN bringing cholera to Haiti while you government say nothing,
your young men unemployed while UN pay solier and police from other countries 1200 US a month to protect UN and US interests?

Why are you not embarrassed for the high rate of rape against women?

Why are you not embarrassed for enslaving children as restavek in our country?

Why are you not embarrassed for the millions of homeless people living in ripped tents while your government throw a kanaval?

yet Martelly embarrass you! your embarrassment is grossly misplaced!

When Martelly raised Haiti out of poverty and the agricultural sector can feed the country, all our children are in school, people have access to health care, we have our own armed forces, Martelly is free to pull down his pants and respectfully show the US, UN, Canada, France, Munistah and the greedy NGOs his backside!

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