The USA has a lot in common with Haiti. Both have housing...

Alister Wm Macintyre - March 8 2011, 3:04 PM

The USA has a lot in common with Haiti.

Both have housing markets which are corruption-friendly, both have man-made disasters, easy to cause, almost impossible to fix.

I have researched issues of Haiti and USA Housing & posted under name "Glossary Housing Haiti" here

First 1/2 is on challenges in Haiti which are not being solved, because the powers that be are more interested in winning arguments, than saving Haiti.

Second 1/2 is on understanding USA housing mess, a man made disaster, where bankers are breaking USA laws, while the courts and legislators are letting them get away from it.
In between I look into other things, such as Micro-Finance being Mafia-friendly.

It is not illegal to be a home-owner, with a home under-water and sinking.

There are several million Haitians without homes, not by their choice, who can understand Micky losing homes, not by his choice.

What could hurt is how nice Micky homes.

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