The only story that was being discussed in the Haitian...

Gerda Nan Miami - March 8 2011, 2:01 PM

The only story that was being discussed in the Haitian Community in Florida and in the Diaspora, while Mirlande was speaking or singing some opera from her symphonnic repetoire was the story of Micky's Foreclosed Florida Homes, which he did not need after making a decision with his wife to move back home. The story of Micky's 3 homes in Florida was reported by some unhappy people trying to make a name for themselves.

Yap pren roulib sou Mickley.

Mirlande conference was just a burp coupled with a boring osphere.

From what i saw the reporters that were there started to leave when they noticed that the audience was yawning and leaving as she was speaking.

I am surprised that none of her fans who are used to screaming BAM MANMAN'M did not say that there were 1000 people in the room with 100 reporters present.


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