Cptd, I think you and Mme Manigat are both out of touch with...

Jynee - March 7 2011, 11:37 PM

I think you and Mme Manigat are both out of touch with the current dynamic of Haitian society that is why you can't understand that the country need a change.

you are keep saying that Martelly is not fit to be president but you missed the point! you have this tunnel vison but you need to broaden your vision and see the paradigm shift.

Martelly is a game changer that is necessary to revolutionize Haiti once and for all. if you slow down, you will see a bloodless revolution of the youth and diaspora elites yank power from the dinosaurs of the political class.

Nothing would please me more to see a woman elected from power but Manigat is part of that old dinosaurs political elites who knows nothing other than political power they only how to get in power, consolidate power, and spent all night strategizing how to maintain power like Preval is currently doing.

They are consume with greed for power that there's no room left in their brain to think about development programs, they only know how to create chaos in order to maintain their power.

The reason Haiti is so economically behind is because these old heads don't have any new ideas, they call on foreigner for help but have no concept how to manage the help. The only money they see is the aid money, they can't see the wealth that Haiti can provide, they can't think that far. that is why all they do is complain about how poor Haiti is so the international govts can give Aid money, but what is more embarrasing is the fact that these govts have so little respect for this class that they give them money to their respective NGOs and the moronic political elite is fighting over the crumbs while the big NGO's slice the cake.

Look at Clinton, he gives all the contracts to his buddies while the idiotic politicians fighting among themselves.

Clinton treat the Haitian members like garbage as they complain that in one meeting in New York, they did not even provide them with seats! Quel Honte! and you ctp.d think Martelly is the embarrassment?

Darling, it's not Martelly pulling down his pants that will bring us shame but it's political instability that creates our poverty, our constant begging.

we have become the beggars of the western hemisphere, you a republican you know how your party despise poor people.

Our poverty is why our brother and sisters have to leave our homeland, pou nou al drive devan pot saint domingue, bahamas, france, canada, usa, epi yap pran nou ak coute pied!

The fact that all our brain and money are stuck in some foreign land. we are pumping our capitals and ideas and services to enrich other lands while our people are perishing.

But you know the current morons who are running the country like it that way, that is why they refuse to grant us dual citizenship, its all a power play to keep competition away. That is why they reject Simeus, they want the power for themselves because that is how they make their living.

they have the political power and serve as the haitian elites restaveks while they ignore the people and the country fall in the abyss.

If you look at Martelly's campaign, you will see that he is a face behind the empowed youth, the farmers, and most of all they diaspora business class who are sick and tired of all the wasted potential in Haiti.

I know Business people ready to pump hundreds of millions into Haiti, but due to insecurity they are scared.

Haiti can easily be the richest of the caribbean countries, we're the largest population wise. Digicel made more profit in Haiti than all the other islands.

So anyone with half a brain always question, why is Haiti this poor, why are we not an island paradise?

well it's because those old dinosaurs don't take advice, what 70 year old so called intellectuel is going to listen to a 20-30 something with fresh ideas to revitalize the country?

those old heads think they know better but they were in their prime during the duvalier years and their politics are just as old, geo-politic has shift but they haven't! that is why Haiti is going backward instead of forward.

But Martelly admit he doesn't know it all and he doesn't need to, he just need to have a vision and bring the people to turn it into reality.

that's a true leader, He's the coach who will put the right team, and looking by the fantastic team, he has running his campaingn, I have high hopes.

Rihgt now, Preval is trying his best to ruin the election, he plans on creating chaos but Martelly is unstoppable.

Finally, Dieu dit "cet assez" haiti had enough of these blood suckers with no brains for economic development!

look at the Manigats, so-called legal scholars, yet they still haven't figure out that Haiti need better laws that protect properties and business in order to create a sustainable economy.

They should have been at the forefront of real estate and tax reform laws. laws in haiti are so complex that they discourage people from entering into the formal economy.

that is why no one register their land deed, they don't register their businesses, the NGOs don't bother registering because the process is to complex.

I can register a business in a few hours in the US, in Haiti, after the reform it take 6-8 weeks! the laws are so ineffecient and ineffectives, yet the Manigats are revered intellectuals, legal scholars.

Who cares about your legal scholarship if you do nothing with it to move your country forwards.

with the right banking laws, haiti could have been a haven for people to stash their money hence blew up the haitian capital market!

haiti badly need a title system, as a legal scholar how come Manigat never think of simplyfying the process so people would register their land and solve this crazy problem that has hindering reconstruction?

you know why?

her brain is too consume with attaining power, it does not have room to solve everyday problems.

Haitians govt don't even know what their real GDP because everything is informal, people keep quoting this $2/day 80% employment deal that all haitians swallow because the old dinosaurs don't know anything about keeping data and don't care avout the detrimental effect these erroneous statistics are having on Haiti.

they don't have any data to refute whatever nonsense assessment some foreign guy made while never venturing out his hotel in port-au-Prince.

foreigners make satistics out of thin air because there's no data!

How come the manigats, the legal scholars don't have any legal think tanks to figure how to create laws to tax the rich and the middle class, how come they have create any immigration laws to force all the foreigners collecting a paycheck in haiti to pay immigration fees and pay tax.

So what did the Manigats contribute to the Haitian society?

as an attorney, it is beyond me how ridiculously complicated, outaded haitian laws are. yet these legal scholars have done nothing with their legal knowledge to move the contry forward economically, socially, I mean Mme manigat could have propose a law to eradicate Restaveks, its morally repugnant to have children as indentured slaves.

these poor kids are mistreated and perfomed ardous labor for food and night school.

How come mme Manigat doesn't say that is wrong, how come she hasn't work in any piece of legistlature to protect children and women victims of domestic violence and sexual assault!

So How is Mme Manigat better than Martelly?

She has not used her intellectuality to do squat for Haiti?

She has not done a damn thing.

it's time that Haitian politician get the message, if you want to hold on to power then it would behoove you to actually DO SOMETHING for the people!

Now Mme Manigat so desperate she making deal occult societies to get to the Presidency, well it's going to work. she can sell her soul to devil, she still not going to be president because manzel gen intlligence men li pa gen bonne foi! we have had enough of those bad faith leaders!

so i will take the dude who pull his pants down, wear miniskirt on stage to entertain but will make a good faith effort to move the country forward by rallying experts by his side to develop the country, provide security by our own armed forces so I and other like myself who want to go back home to create jos can go back invest our my country.

you Ctp D is probably comfortable in the US but for me Lakay se Lakay, li le poum retounin lakay mwen!

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