As far as your inuendo at the end, it comes at no surprised...

Jessica - March 7 2011, 12:16 PM

As far as your inuendo at the end, it comes at no surprised, the leader you are following made a career at shocking people, I could go on but let' s leave at that for now...

I dunno what kind of medication you are on but no one in their right mind could compare Martelly' s campaign to obama' s, Obama had a very good organization, Martelly is not organized, it has been suggested that he was turned down by PEN, paid 15000 USD to run on Repons peyizan platform, so first off he does not have a party.

second in their own terms Obama would be discarded because according to Wyclef politicians nowadays are a dying breed, Obama was in office for 4 years in IL and DC before he ran for pressident.

Finally, Martelly dug use was way more advance than Obama, according to Michel' s own words.

Now as far as how important the financial backers are, why do you think no one has been to jail for the economic meltdown?

Why do you think Obama kept his mouth shut during the healthcare debate?

I would suggest you watch the movie "INSIDE JOB".

Wy do you think Blago is out of office now?

To cite another poster somehere else: "Abces a nan deye Haiti, Diaspora minm ap di Martelly peze"
If the powers to be would chose to put Martelly in power, 10 years from now you are going to remonisce Haiti today like the good old times"

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Jessie, you seem to have a little itch to know. I got...


Qui finance Martelly

Qui finance Martelly, des personnes cahees dans l'ombre pour tirer les ficelles

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