Cpt D., I could not begin to imagine that you were as...

Ronald Altieri - March 7 2011, 9:49 AM

Cpt D., I could not begin to imagine that you were as sensitive as your message seem to indicate.

Buddy! If i disrespected you, be assured that was done inadvertently.

You bring a lot to the screen of our minds, and getting out of character to make an attempt to insult you - in any way - is not how i roll. But I suppose that was a tough message for you to digest, and would not have expected you to respond any different.

Sir, as one who used to spend shfts of 3 to 4 days in a missile silo. Not to forget short submarine duty, as well as flying from morning to night with no clear destination through stormy clouds.

I can tell you that when the pressure is on that is when you must relax.

We are having a little fun, do not mess it up by getting too serious.


Chilly willy!

Let us move on!

You are not a Democrat, but you voted for Obama.

By the way! I am somewhat perplexed on this Democrat and Republican thing - are not Democrats and Republicans both Democrats who believe in Democracy.

That is one for another time. But for now let me share with a little insightful fact on our President Obama, which i am certain that you are well versed on.

You are a Democrat and you voted for Obama even though it was reported on October 9th of 2008 by CNN Ticker Producer Alexander Mooney and CNN's Tasha Diakides (check out CNN Politics) that a former Oklahoma Gov. Frank Keating, who was a Campaign Co-Chair Manager for the Republican Presidential hopeful John McCain, had stated that Barack Obama (Illinois Senator running for President back then) should admit his use of cocaine and marijuana to the american people and the world.

At the time someone important (an insider) in the Presidential Campaign of John McCain said that Keating was not advised nor directed to say this on the campaign trail.

The remarks made by Governor Keating were similar to that of the New Hampshire Democrat Bill Shaheen, a Hillary Clinton presidential bid (at the time)supporter.

Shaneen was concerned about that Obama's drug use would be a problem for the Democartic Party if he was nominated to represent the Democratic Party.

Obviously, they had read Senator Obama's book of 1995 title 'Dream of My Father' where he writes that he was once headed in the direction of a "junkie" and a "pothead (heavy marijuana smoker).

In this book he spoke truthfully about his emotional struggles as a young man. Obama wrote in that book, as a way to make peace with his conscience, that marijuana and booze had helped, as well as a little blow (cocaine) when he could afford it.
Obama did speak during his Presidential campaign about his past experimentation with drugs and alcohol in high school.

He said taht he made some bad decisions that he had actually written about.

He did admit to all of it to an audience of youngsters in a New Hampshire high school during a stop there, while he was campaigning to be the President of Change.

He also said during that time that there were times when he got into drinking and experimented with drugs.

The world understood Obama's humanity in facing some immorality about his past with the truth.

Some thought that he could not be President (not you, because you voted for him), but the First Lady Hillary Clinton became his Secretary of State.

If i am not mistaken, Joe Biden had said that he could not speak English, and Hillary had said that he is just a 'Talker' (as if to imply that he was just a 'Raper' or 'Singer' of songs of social change).

It's ironic how these important elements seem to reflect what is going on with the Michel campaign.

For, it seems as if the First Lady Mirlande may turn out to be his Prime Minister or Minister of Education, even with his past swimming in some immorality.

The world and Haiti has understood Michel's humanity in facing some immorality about his past with truth to all of us, and it seems as if he will be elected as the next President of Haiti.

The question should not be why Micky did this or that, the better question should be why Haiti is in the state that it is and can he help as President?

I say yes, wholeheartedly.

I also say that Mirlande can help as President, but it is clear that i think Haiti can benefit more from Michel's Presidency.

If Michel becomes President, then let us hope that what Mirlande stands for will be implemented in his administration and agenda.

If Mirlande becomes President, then let us hope that what Michel stands for will be implemented in his administration and agenda.

We want real change in Haiti, and hope we have it coming soon. Change is must! The old ways of doing things will not be tolerated by any means necessary.

Change is coming! Obama said. They did not believe that Obama could become president; now let us wait and see if you are right on saying that Michel Martelly can not and will not become the next President of Haiti.

Send us a joke, i know that you know a lot of jokes.

Stop looking so serious.

By the way! I suggest we put our minds together - with the rest who share this screen - and decide how we can do a little something for the kids in Haiti.

They need us, no matter who is the next President.

Ronald Altieri

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