You have audacity to twist my words about education. No one...

Richelle - March 6 2011, 7:57 PM

You have audacity to twist my words about education.

No one can not tell me nothing about education certainly not you.You need to stop distorting about the facts.You know what hurts me the most about haiti's phenonenom.Its the poor haitian.

Those kids that go hungry no clean water for them to drink.The mothers n fathers doing the best to their ability to help these kids.But its like no way out for these people.They live under the tant sinced 01-2010 this is what I was talking about.The haitian people need a president whom can help sustain their situation.Not keep on talking french then they still go hungry.

However you keep running your mouth about fucking mirlande, she has this and that she should have diplomas.

Othewise why would she not having them. Mirlande people need to remain philosophical when people express their thoughts about her.If they really know the meaning of education.You say she wants to offer herself to the haitian people.

Where were she before, when she was on her fifty or at seventy years old, she is after money nothing more. So stop your speach about her having this n that.Don't you dear talk to me about education, read book and bul shit. I do not care about mirlande she is seventy years old.So why would I have to compare myself with her.I'm young and suceed continuously.You keep talking about french french how many haitian do you know whom speak real french not the broken one. Where did you see them and where did you neet them., Some of you guys mirlande people ap force paler francais, then you think you know french.

maybe this why I'm not excited about her diploma like you do. Sometimes people like to talk about others instead of themself.

Sinced you can only talk about mirlande diploma, I heard it over n over.Now I'm tired hearing it, tell me about your diploma.

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mwen cre si ou cont Education nan la vi ou,ou manke...

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