Ti Simone Martelly Cervelle Rorotte: Met la vie des Haitiens en Republique

Jessica - March 6 2011, 2:35 PM

I would like for Michel to answer to this story about the fusion between Haiti and dominican republic

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Toulimen says...

They were our slaves and our slavery marks are on them forever. They cannot deny it. We had treated them right and we had helped them liberate from... more »

Richelle says...

Oh my God!toulimen I like that enswer,very good keep up the good work.I'm pround of haitian like u.you are so clever with all your respond. more »

Caonabo says...

Este amigo es un pero con cholera de la boca. Se menaj jessica ki sou kap pale poupou. Haitien pale de lang e nou kompren panyol. Misye se sel... more »