Leslie's Ex-wife is paralyzed by Mirlande's Immorality

Mireille Nan Brooklyn - March 6 2011, 12:50 PM

there is a lot noise being made in new york about leslie manigat's ex-wife being paralyzed because of mirlande immorality.

anybody got any news on that. Was the ex-wife interviewed on radio signal fm. What is her name, and how did she become paralyzed.

let's get is straight.

do you know anyone who has anything on that story.

somebody clear this up once and for all.

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Toulimen says...

I don't trust Mirelande at all and she can do anything to become president. It is sad for a grandma to act in such a manner, but you know she will... more »

Charmene says...

I suggest you to call Radio Pa Nou in Brooklyn New York ask to speak to Bibine or Pete ge who's the director of the radio I think his real name is... more »

Mandem Enco says...

Mirlande Manigat found in bed with Lesly Manigat by Lesly ex wife.Cette derniere got beat up by Lesly she went to the hospital and ended up in a... more »

Marie says...

ou pran poz wap poze kessyon mirlande ou ce yon stupid more »