I canno't be nice with an immoral and an old bich like...

Florence - March 6 2011, 12:28 PM

I canno't be nice with an immoral and an old bich like Mirlande.

Mize youn fam'm ce pou tout fam'm.Take a moment and think about somebody you help in your house and broke your home by screwing with your husband.

Today Lesly Manigat ex wife is in weelchair because of Mirlande immorality and she has nerve to talk about Michel She's not qu'une bouzin sale and I don't have any respect for her because she doesn't have any respect for herself by sleeping with somebody husband on their bed salope sale la .Mirlande Hyppolite is a dog.For your information I'm happily married with four children.I'm respected by my husband I did not put my panties down with a married man for any necessity or somebody husband used to help me.

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Florence, Florence, Florence. Try to be nice. There...


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Florence tell us the real story, it seems like you...

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