If u not here to judge nobody, so why are judging michel...

Richelle - March 5 2011, 7:35 PM

If u not here to judge nobody, so why are judging michel because he pull down his pants.

Haiti not in makout system no more, you sound like it is ok for her to stole lesly from his first wife. But when people talk about it then u refer to bible story u not here judge.but u can judge michel for pull down his pants.

Mirlande people have audacity same like her.You wright, when u say good tree give good fruit but bad tree give bad fruit.

Michel people are not corvering nothing for him, we all know he did same crazy stuffs, but he was entertain, to make people laugh.

He do not destroyed noone's life like your candidate did she has destroyed someone's marriage.

We simply say he is the right one for haiti.

He fell the haitian people as a nation, not as a bunch of stupid people to play smart with.Like mirlande do with u and the rest of her people.

And by the way u keep saying, I need mirlande for my country, haiti not belong to u only, the rest of the haitian people include me, we say we need michel end of story.

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Mwen pa la pou juje lot mounn men sa mwen apran nan...

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