We, Haitians, r certainly not dog vomit, and it could be...

Ronald Altieri - March 5 2011, 12:32 PM

We, Haitians, r certainly not dog vomit, and it could be understood why some folks would take issue with that statement on literal face value.

The statement was direct in that us Haitians are dog vomit.

But let us move on.
You have placed a nice biblical spin on it, and that is what we are supposed to do over this medium; we are supposed to ease the tensions and not add fuel to the fire.
So, we know that statement was said and taken out of context in his vexation of the moment.

In all sincerety we all have said things in anger that we wish we could have thought about it a little more.
All in all, we also appreciate your return from your special mission to join us again.

I particuarly like your approach in this message, it gives us a real sense of the caliber of individual that we are interacting with via this medium.

May the Lord guide our minds in what we say. But greater yet, may the Lord helps us to clean our minds; so that we will not have think of certain things at all.

No need to explore it any further; your point is well made and well taken.

Welcome back and take care,
Ronald Altieri

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