I do not get it. It was moral for her to pull down her panties...

Joe - March 5 2011, 8:17 AM

I do not get it. It was moral for her to pull down her panties for a married, but it is immoral for Mickky to pull his pants against a system which has been showing us nothing but 200% kk.

I was born in Haiti and visit every two years or so since i departed (because of my job transfer).

For the life of me i can not tell you what i have seen since 1988 that reminds me of anything moral.

From the airport, hands are trying to get in your pocket with no respect for anyone.

A nun friend of mine was approached in 2001 by a group of teenagers and two of them pulled up their shirts to her their guns, and they told that they were chimers in need in 10 dollars.

She told them to take the cross she was wearing because it could be sold for 20 dollars and they laughed and left.
A lady friend of mine who had not been in Haiti for 27 years had 5 teeth knock out of her mouth, because 3 men wanted her watch as she was visiting her aunt's grave.

Years back a nun was raped and killed for some money, they thought that her driver had something to do with it, but he was found to be clean.

I was in the country at the time, i was so hurt that i had to go the funeral.

I did take pictures but i was robbed by a gangd of 6 who took my camera and watch plus wallet at gun point(they had 2 guns and a knife).

We all know the stories about the rapes and robberies, which has prompted the US government to place a traveler's advisory and warning about going to Haiti.

But, the talk in the last week or so has been about the immorality of Michel and that of Mirlande being the mother figure for the young.

I hope to see something different in the people next time i visit in December.

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Do you know she stole lesly from his first wife.Good...

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