Richelle, For some reason when people reach 70 years old...

Gabriella In Ottawa - March 5 2011, 7:21 AM


For some reason when people reach 70 years old everybody think that they are looking at an angel.

We need to reapect the age, but point out that she is not angel.

Just because she has diplomas and speak fluen spanish and good french, every one believes that she is the good moral example that Haiti needs.

I have not heard or read about one thing that she did in the country for her poor cuffering children.

Remember all haitian children are her children.

All of those who are starving for milk are now crying BAN MAMAM MOIN.

Education and morality is now a big thing with her, i did not hear anything from her in the last 25 years about ecudation and morality.

Priests and Pastors have been raping boys and girls who do not know how to read and write, and now 25 years later Mirlande with her diplomas is telling us that education and morality are important.

I guess she wants to be president.

Those same priests and pastors are now behind her talking about morality.

I have heard her speech in Canada.

Let me tell, Haiti is in need of a vibrant mind to spark its energy.

Let them vote for Mirlande to be president, and after that they can blame the country's problem on Micky who pulled down his pants.

Like she never pulled down her panties in immorality.

Give me a break.

Let i read earlier, not every tit is our mom's tits. Let us hope they open their eyes.

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Do you know she stole lesly from his first wife.Good...

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