Martelly said I don't care about Haitian people

Guirlande - March 4 2011, 5:25 PM

So what if Lesly Manigat said Haitians are dog vomit, Martelly use to say that he did not care about Haitian people.

Ban manman moin

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Yves Binbin says...

girlande,pe,pe bouch ou,yo voye'ou.tet ti fi cho kankou ou ve lamp. more »

Gren says...

what kind of manman are you talking about The one who stole those children,s father the one who is responsible for Lucie,s death manigat,s first wife. more »

Gren says...

se sak fe le gen nempot pwoblem se li ou we kap ede haitien yo ou pa manke sot more »