Dear Patricia, What have I written to imply any form of...

Papa Dada - March 4 2011, 9:28 AM

Dear Patricia,
What have I written to imply any form of bullying?

I am neither miserable nor desperate.

In fact, I enjoy life and get my full share of the goodies that may me be gotten in the game of: fire up, fire up!
Contrary of what you may think, I love when you say fire up, fire up. It is so rhythmical, it has a telling effect on the senses.

You probably have used the word in a different context; however, its repetition at such an interval suggests that the utterer is so fired up to such an extent that he or she needs a counter fire to subside this intense fired up.
Thanks for your forgiveness.

However, is this necessary.

I was just trying to be helpful, and be a part of the fired up club.
Your rejection of me is accepted.

No bullying is intended.

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Papa dada;I hope you are not one of those bullies who...

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