Thank you for really telling it the way it is. I am proud of...

Jean Exilus - March 3 2011, 8:10 PM

Thank you for really telling it the way it is. I am proud of you and I know
since day one if those guys give you a chance you will start the change
our country needs.

I didn't have a chance to participating at the rally you had
in miami since I am in NY, but I am waiting for you in NY. Please read Joshua 1:3-9.
Don't be afraid to unite our country.

make us proud to be Haitian for now there
is nothing to be proud of. Teach the country how to love and respect one another, how to feel for one another.

Practice justice from the white house to the little ajoupa.

Research our maritime, tourism resources etc. Establish education and health reform.

Please involve the youths in your administration for they are tomorrow's future.

Be of good courage, do not be dismayed and be strong.

Jehovah God is with you. Believe!Believe!believe!

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Miami yo sezi! yo sezi! no more division Haiti needs...

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