I think he was great 2 bad i could not be with him as i...

H - March 3 2011, 7:13 PM

I think he was great 2 bad i could not be with him as i personally meet him in HAITI HE is a fighter and honest man he speak from the heart and tell it like it is. During the time i spend with him i personally felt like i know him for year no one could influence him like the American say he is a straight shouter we need that in Haiti this government of Mafia is rooted in our society it is a cancer with no cure .I hope he is able to surround himself with a few of good Hitian still in Haiti.

Michel does have detractor but he will get a good mandate from the people and he will deliver on his promesse to the people we all know the liar and thieve in Haiti they all in their SUV with AC .On the five family in Haiti are Bonnefil, vobes Moscoso Brant bigio Mew.We all know how they operate with the Government approval.One of the first Oder of the day for the new President will be to clean house in justice dept No one will invest in Haiti if the court does not make the law applicable it is 2 easy for someone to dispossession.

Haiti musthave a strong Cadace system in Haiti.

I MUST TELL YOU Mr President get all your info from reliable source not those whom is going to be at your side all the time so you will have the pro and con when you deceide on a critical matter.

Your friend

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