I fully support the topic Sergo. Your statement has a lot...

Meme Amour - March 3 2011, 10:24 AM

I fully support the topic Sergo.

Your statement has a lot truth in it, but not the whole truth.

I agree that a good tree gives us good fruits, but a good politician does not necessarily give good policies.

A good politician is someone who knows how to mix the bad with the good to give only the bad in the mix what belongs and is good for the people.

So, if Mirlande who is a good experienced and educated politician is able to mix herself with bad INITE and Fanmi Lavalas (Lespwa) politicians, then the policies of her government will be good for her and the INITE Senators and Deputies as well as the Fanmi Lavalas with their continuity of what we already know. The people will be looking nice building in 5 years with ok roads, and some will have or that, but the same mentality and outdated approach will be there.

Nothing new for the future and youth of Haiti; it is just the old ways of doing same old things over again.

Good mixture gives good results, but bad mixture gives bad results.

Michel is not mixing bad with good in trying to become President, but he mixing with the youth of Haiti to produce what is good for Haiti.

If a person's children is a person's fruit, then Michel can tell us a lot about ourselves, because his children are in Haiti and they show love and passion for Haiti.

Michel has given good fruits.

Look at all the fruits we have in our government, are they from good trees?

Look at all the good we have in our government, are they from good minds?

Vote for Mirlande, Sergo, and when Celestin becomes president in 5 years, you can join Rose et Blanc to help the children of the children that Michel was helping for 18 years.

For a long time a lot of people were saying, look isn't that the son of Joseph the little carpenter boy who has no morals; how could it be telling us about what is righteous, when we are educated with morality?

It is certainly not a surprise that some are now saying, look isn't that Micky the musician; how come he is telling us educated politicians that he wants to be president, and how to br righteous when he is not educated with morality?

Michel Joseph Martelly is a good person who loves his country with a passion that is unmatched; look all around and you will see the results of bad from the good politicians.

For 18 years he fed your brothers and sisters, while the good politicians were drinking wine and eating well. For 18 years he was there with the suffering ones, while the other educated and moral ones were saying that people like you and i are not educated because we do not speak good french or have diplomas from universities.

We are not stupid, Sergo, and that is why we will vote Michel Joseph Martelly into the Presidency on March 20th.

I was born in Haiti in 1957, my family left Haiti to move to NY in 1975. I left to work in Texas in 1985 and have been back for 11 years.

I go to church every Sunday when i can, and i will vote for Micky.

It would be a sad thing for me to see that the youth of Haiti do not see beyond language and profiles to see the passion and vision of Mr. Michel Joseph Martelly.

C'est la vie!

May God Bless Michel, Mirlande and Haiti.

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I do believe a good tree always give a good fruit.bad...

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