This was interesting enough of a message to copy it and place...

Churchmember - March 2 2011, 1:16 PM

This was interesting enough of a message to copy it and place it here: it is from Acolyte, and Acolyte sent it to us at 10:57a this morning.


This is a good one for those who have never heard Micky's song of yon ti moral and are calling Michel immoral.

Check this out real close, because it brings the point to be made very clear.

Yesterday, it was reported that the Catholic Priest who has been gathering with powerful members of Haiti's Episcopalian Church and rural Protestant Churches to support the morality of Mirlande against the immorality of Michel in the Nord Est of Haiti was arrested as a SEXUAL PREDATOR who has terrorizing young girls and boys. He suffers from the devilish disease of PEDOPHILIA.

The word I got from my church members who rather stay silent is that a lot of the boys and girls he has forcibly raped while telling them they must yield to the power of the cross that he wears, were thinking of being blessed.

He also them that it is the holy moral act to get them closer to God, because even Jesus had to bleed for his father.

Here the story, call your friends and family in Haiti and verify it (I have plenty more and will tell you some in time, I have to go):
Vincius St-Hilaire, a priest of the Roman Catholic Church, was arrested Tuesday by the Haitian police in Leogane for pedophilia.

The hotel manager called the police and some people in this locality to apprehend the priest.

The police, once alerted, had preceded the arrest of a priest.

The clergyman would have forced a 17-year-old girl to have sex with him. Vincius, the St-Hilaire's father allegedly took the girl in a hotel room, according to information available.

Vincius iofficiated at St. Hilary Parish, CARIDAD, in Carrefour-Feuilles (south of Port-au-Prince).

Posted by Acolyte on 3/2/11 10:57 AM

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