I thank you for your comments and your appreciation of my...

Mitch - March 2 2011, 12:22 PM

I thank you for your comments and your appreciation of my earlier post on this subject.

I have committed a grave of omission by not mentioning that I am not a supporter of Aristide.

I did not have a chance to him govern I was out of Haiti for more than 29 years before i did return the first time in 2009. I agree with you about one thing.

he should follow his conviction and go to the airport every day with his passport at hands.

in order to bring attention to his cause.

But there may be more that we know. My biggest problem is that some Haitians find it good and funny that Americans could stop Haitian from going back to Haiti.

It is sad because it reveals a conditioning of our minds and the debilitating sadness that we have no understanding of our so called sovereignty.

The so called elite, you need to forget about it. Politic has become an industry in Haitian.

I was shocked to hear Charles Baker complaining about the facts that the international community does not respect the Haitian people.

Our politicians are like cheap political prostitutes who think a one night stand is the same a marriage.

They use them for the ugly and stupid purpose and they ignore them after mission is accomplished.

How can anyone explain to me why out of all qualified and so called educated elite they had to go all the way out of the country to pull Gerard Latortue as Prime minister?

Where has he lived the 5 years prior to him becoming prime minister?

what does the constitution say about that?

You see our problems are complicated; we ought not look for simplistic solutions.

I valued your input Ronald

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Merci pour tes pensees patriotiques, Mitch. I enjoyed...

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