An original picture of Micky's butt is being sold for 16,000...

Swityayad - March 1 2011, 9:45 AM

An original picture of Micky's butt is being sold for 16,000 US dollars.

The authorities are investigating to find if it is an original.

In China thousands are being interogated to find out if they are in youtube trying to catch a glance of Micky's butt.
In Saudi Arabia, picture of Micky's butt is running wild amongst the youth.

In Iran a man was sentenced to showing his butt in public because he was singing one of Micky's song (pa manyen femm nan konsa).

In Germany 4 youngters have started a group by the name of Presziden Kompa, and are playing in universities all across europe.

In the United States pink blouses can not stay on the shelves, they are being sold like hot cakes.

Mayor Bloomberg is about to declare March 20th pink day.
The news that Miicky is being investigated by the FCC has outraged of all his fans in Vietnam, Cambodia, India and South America.

Micky is the latest phenomenon in world politics.

The brothers and sisters of Michael Jackson are working on a campaign song for him.
Aristide and Jude Celestin have asked Wyclef to write a song for them with the title Tet Kale
The people who were against Preval are now saying that a vote for Mirlande is a vote for Celesting in 5 years.

Haitian politics, what would the world be without it. Micky is now the most clicked on figure in the internet.

Who would have thought that sweet micky would attain such heights, and it appears to be just the begining for him and his nation that he loves so much - Haiti.

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