Roger, I am Steve and my grandfather was born in Haiti. I am a...

Steve - March 1 2011, 8:53 AM


I am Steve and my grandfather was born in Haiti.

I am a student of Political Science and i like your statement that i copied below in relation to this bogus investigation of Martelly's campaign phone call. I hope the haitian diaspora read it carefully.

Thank you for a note on something that i did a college paper on. You said:

not too long ago Obama and his wife were being investigated as muslim terrorists as stated on the the NY Magazine in cover of July 13, 2008 or so. This story was also picked up by Rachel Sklar of the Huffington Post on July 21, 2008. Obama's rating went sky high with that bogus investigation and the internet with the older women backing him up from the first lady Hillary camp helped him to comfortably become President.

The rest is history.

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Ronald thank you for your insight. The majority of...

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