Politics are always dirty.I do not know where is that coming...

Myrtho - March 1 2011, 7:11 AM

Politics are always dirty .I do not know where is that coming from. If they have the proof why don't they aired it?

This old trick for old folks.

People do not rely anymore on unproved strategies that used to work centuries ago.We are at the era of modern technology.

Please give people a break.

Haiti needs a younger generation with sharp mind.Even my grandma, who just turned 101, thinks that it is time to give a chance to the younger generation.The old way is outdated.The oldies should volunteer their time to contribute to the development of a better future for Haiti not to undermine it. Mommy said to tell "abolocho" and my 86 year-old auntie came with "allez jobey laba".to the dysfunctional minds.

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